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For over  a decade Myrtle Beach Ink has provided quality body art. Our experienced professional tattoo artists have the training,experience, and creativity to bring your ideas to life. Our artists provide high quality art and experience that will
leave a lasting impression


Each artist at Myrtle Beach Ink works directly with clients to create body art based on their input, but also provides guidance and artistic vision for the process. We believe in pairing you with an artist based on how their style fits your unique needs. Make the tattoo of your dreams come true with us. Get in touch today!

Tattoo Artist - BW


Our licensed and trained staff will provide you with a safe clean and informative experience. Our comfortable lobby, informative staff, and state of the art equipment ensure the best results for all of your tattoo needs


Mon: 12pm - 8pm

Tue: 12pm-8pm
Wed: 12pm - 8pm
Thu:  12pm - 8pm
Fri:    12pm - 8pm
Sat:   12pm - 8pm
Sun:  12pm - 6:00pm

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